Excuse the Mess

As I get this new website set up, I’ll be blogging randomly throughout the day and maybe several times a day some days depending on how I feel. Once I get into a groove I’ll probably post updates two or three times a week on the blog but I do plan to set the website itself up to be much more than just a blog.

I’d love to rebuild my old site which shall remain unnamed just to not give it clicks, and I might use it as a template for this one. I’m not sure yet. I just know I want to reach out to anyone who may be struggling with mast cell disease or any chronic illness who may feel all alone.

Sometimes just having a fellow voice in the wilderness can make all the difference.

I will be adding disclaimers (something I have to do since this deals with a medical disease), links I love, books I recommend and more. So keep an eye out for that and I’ll definitely update here when I add important things.

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