I Don’t Have the Energy for This

But I’m doing it anyway! Hi. I’m Chelle B., and you might remember me from a few years ago when I had a rather popular website all about mast cell disease. It was a treasure trove of information for those of us with mastocytosis and mast cell activation syndrome. It even had a directory of doctors and a private forum and.. well, then COVID came and spun my world for a loop so I let it go.

Sadly, I can’t get it back but I did manage to grab this domain name which used to belong to another victim of mast cell disease. It was where I first came when I was just beginning my journey and it’s where I found solace in the vast amounts of information this website had to offer as well as validation that I needed so badly.

I wasn’t crazy. I wasn’t “thinking myself sick”. I wasn’t alone anymore. I was, though, still in mast cell hell.

When I tried to log on the first time after the website disappeared I was devastated as I’m sure many of my loyal readers were just a few years later when my own popular website went down without notice. With our disease, one never knows if a patient has died or has become too sick to reach out online. It happens way too much and that’s partly why I wanted to get back into blogging and connecting with people in the mast cell disease community again.

There are so many people out there suffering alone who haven’t had a diagnosis yet and have no idea that there is hope. I am living proof of that. In a future post I’ll tell my story and share my journey toward finding relief from the worst of my symptoms so I can have a much better quality of life than I had before.

While there is no cure for mast cell disease, with the right treatments and specialists, we CAN get better. I promise.

Since I’m starting brand new again, please do me a favor and subscribe, share and comment to help me boost my website back in the rankings on Google so we can help connect with others out there who need us. Remember back when we were desperate for answers and had nowhere to turn? I hate the thought of anyone else feeling that way so maybe together we can create one more outlet for reaching others who are also in mast cell hell.

God bless and talk to you soon.

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