Seven Year Itch

It has been seven years since I learned that I have mast cell disease. Seven years!! Wow. It feels like a minute ago, but it also feels like a lifetime away. It’s a miracle I lived to get to this point as I was SO SICK when I found my way to the immunologist who finally diagnosed me after decades of desperation and decline.

So that was life changing and lucky for me it didn’t take long to respond to the proper medicines. Finally! After years of weird reactions to medicines, tests always coming back normal but me still getting sicker and sicker with no explanation, being accused of faking, etc. it was a miracle. It still is, really. I can’t believe what a difference it made to finally know what I’m up against and why I’m so sick.

Now that I’ve figured out how to manage my disease with lifestyle and medication, I’m left with the reality that I’m still really sick just under the surface and I have to walk a very precarious line in order to stay functional. On top of that I have to find joy, purpose and peace with the hand I’ve been dealt.

Right now that means digging in the dirt and planting my garden so I can grow all that healthy, tasty food that helps keep my wonky mast cells happy.

Which also triggers me, since there’s all that pollen and heat and fear of murder wasps and… 😄

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