Friendly Reminder: The Murder Wasps Are Back

For those of us with mast cell disease all wasps are murder wasps. This year we’re taking proactive measures to keep them from invading our place by putting out these fake paper wasp nests I bought that are supposed to deter them from building their own here.

Where I live, we have an acre of grass and flowers and vegetable gardens and we’re surrounded by miles of farms so there are a lot of bees and wasps. I can either hide inside and have no life at all or I can accept that it’s a risk I live with and get on with doing what I love. While taking proper precautions, of course.

Like wearing long sleeves, long pants, closed shoes, a hat, gloves and by working in the early mornings and late evenings when the stinging things aren’t as active.

I also keep my epipens nearby and my cell phone charged just in case. My neighbors know if they see me laid out in the grass looking dead that it might be a good idea to run over and double check just in case there’s still time to save me. I also told them no matter what, don’t let anyone Narcan me! That’s all I need is to be mistaken for an OD victim lol.

Anyway, if you also have wonky mast cells stay safe out there! Death is buzzing around in the air….

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