Friendly Reminder: Sunlight Can Trigger Us

As if you didn’t know that already. So do I but guess who is sitting here with a sunburn from hell and recovering from a mast attack brought on by said sunburn? Well, and by going back out into the heat all covered up so as not to make my sunburn from yesterday worse?

Yep, because I’m an idiot.

Maybe I’m not and I’m a closet sadist. Or masochist. Whichever one likes receiving pain, and giving it since I do this to myself. So I am both apparently a sadist and a masochist. I am a sado-masochist. How has it taken me this long to acknowledge it? Ugh.

I guess we’ll have to put up flood lights out there because I have work to do in the garden and if I can’t be out during daylight I’m going to have to be out at night. I’m sure the hubs will love this idea lol…

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