I noticed pretty early on after my diagnosis that whenever I am super reactive, my joints and limbs in general feel loose, bendy and (for lack of a better term) wobbly afterward. I was always very flexible but over the years I’ve stiffened up quite a bit, however after a mast attack especially I go back to being very “bendy”.

I had done some research on this when I was administrator of my now defunct website on mast cell disease research and found a lot of information showing that tryptase acts like a meat tenderizer and is a key factor in hypermobility which is what we often have. A lot of MCAS patients are just this side of the line of being Ehlers-Danlos patients, and it’s because of our mast cell dysfunction that we overlap.

With all the smoke in our valley coming down from Canada the last 24 hours, I am pretty reactive and really feeling the wobbles. It’s crazy how quickly it can come on and then go away again. Like everything with this disease, it often takes me by surprise even when I know the mechanics of why it’s happening.

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