It Starts With a Sneeze

I’m trying to write this while in the very beginnings of a mast cell “event”, which means typing between sneezes because as I said before, my degranulation episodes usually start with sneezing. I’ve counted fourteen – make that fifteen – in a row now, so I’m almost there. It’s usually no more than 20, but enough to make it known to me and everyone else that my mast cells are NOT happy. If I can stop it now, things won’t progress.

Right now it’s happening because I waited too long to take my morning dose of meds, because as you probably know if you have MCAS or mastocytosis, we are always just a few pills and potions away from mast cell hell.


Anyway, I am grateful I do have medicines that work and I did take my ten little (well, not so little) yellow pills that I filled myself with just the right amounts of mast cell stabilizers to get me through until this evening, so they should be kicking in anytime now. It’s funny, as soon as my medicine kicks in I get a big sneeze and then I know I’m about to feel better. Does anyone else get that?

Soon the brain fog will clear, I’ll be able to breathe freely again and my joints will stop aching like an 90 year old. My skin will stop burning, the little hives popping up here and there will disappear and I’ll feel much, much better.

Until it wears off and we go through this all over again.

Yay! 🙂